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Being Prepared for the Unknown

How can you prepare for large-scale tattoos?

Aside from the usual: get rest, hydrate, eat a big meal before your appointment- how can you prepare for something you may not be familiar with?

geometric tattoo stencil

When we begin the booking process, we inform our clients of our process and expectations before diving into large-scale work. One of the key components is finding an artist that you trust. You will be spending a log of time together as your tattoo project grows so we want to make sure the process is as comfortable as possible for both our clients and ourselves. Large-scale tattoos differ from smaller tattoos as they are designed to fit the body and create a cohesive flow. Every body is unique and our large-scale designs are tailored to fit each and every person.

How can you prepare as a client? Make sure you are aware of your artist's process. They may stencil, freehand or a mix of both. They may lay large areas in at a time or piece it together bit by bit. Ask questions BEFORE you book. As part of the booking process, we also want to make sure it's a good fit between the artist and client.

There's a tattoo artist for everyone. Just as unique as the canvases we work with.

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